A lifetimes worth of amazingness in just one night….

It was a Thursday, I remember it well, at least it was a Wednesday really but I always think that Thursday lend more gravitas to any given situation so it was a Thursday/Wednesday with no gigs in the immediate pipeline. Sure there was the Foo Fighters in June, but this was March I’m talking about…. And then my better half alerted me to the fact that Muse had announced a series or gigs. I mistakenly assumed that we were looking at gigs some months in advance but closer investigation revealed an inevitability that was a week away and more than that we were looking at Exeter. Wow. On it like a car bonnet, except the only gig as a Muse member I could guarantee was at Newport… Now, as Meatloaf said, I would do anything for love but I wont do that, Newport was just NOT an option as the last time I visited said town I ended up breaking a ten year smoking hiatus and I cant afford the premium increase in my life insurance. As a regular ticket buyer I knew that my only chance for tickets was in the bun fight they call ‘General Public Sale’ and with limited stocks my hopes were really not high; But… you know what, by the grace of god…. I managed to secure two tickets for us to see Muse at the University of Exeter. Nothing could have prepared for me for just how perfect this was to be…. Not as ‘Life Changing’ as Paris 2013 but right up there for sheer ‘Fuck me’ ness. Together we pored the previous set lists to get an inkling of just what amazing shit we were going to see and it become apparent whilst it would be a fabulous ‘Showbizzy/Origin of Symmetry’ type of night, it also was clear that I would not be blessed with ANY of my favourite songs. Bygones….,  Friday Night arrived and predictably Muse Opened with this…. In evidence through this song are the arms and yelps of my girlfriend and in addition my own head clutched by my hands. Heaven indeed

Indeed, your ass does belong to me…. And then against all hopes when the encore arrived  we were treated to this which made my year, let alone my night. Tears were in evidence and for that I am unapologetic!