Sql Server Data Tools Issues

So, there I was beavering away on a Monday morning scoping some changes for some new work for a client. I have recently had a new super quick desktop built for me with Windows 8 (bygones) and all of the usual development tools installed. Visual Studio 2012 is currently our tool of choice twinned with in this instance Sql Server 2012.

In the midst of my scoping I came across some database stored procedures being referenced that I felt unclear about exactly how they achieved their goal. I decided to investigate further by examining the SQL scripts that we keep within our project solution as a matter of course. So I double clicked to open the files as you do and…

Hmm, Not what I was expecting to see.

enter image description here

As I previously stated I have recently had a new machine built for me, Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012 already pre-installed  and I was not expecting such a broken installation. I tried again and did a few more investigations like trying to creating a database project, nope all broken. So I resorted to my most excellent friend, Google, and after a little research here  found that I needed to ensure that my SSDT was up to date. The article spoke about a ‘Check For Updates’ menu item being available from my SQL menu. OK, this was the first clue as I had no SQL menu! I thus downloaded the latest SSDT installation and ran the installation program.

What do you know, it now all works!

I hope this helps.