Wireframing with WireframeSketcher

The importance of wireframing an application to allow free and frank discussions with a potential client, cannot I think, be overstated. To this end we use WireframeSketcher. Potential clients generally dont care about the technology behind an application, indeed they dont really care about the controls you use. They just want to know how they will interact with it.

Whilst working on some wireframes for one of our long term projects I came across a scenario where I wanted to make an arrow a specific color (that was not one of the standard named colors) within a grid control. I thus found that I had to delve a little to find a solution. The solution was it turns out relatively simple, in place of the standard colour instruction  ‘(color:red)’ you would specify the RGB color expressed in hexadecimal terms, i.e  RGB colour (256,256,256) is expressed as ‘(color:#EEEEEE)’. The color I needed was in fact a light gray and as you can see from the screen grab below (or rather can’t see) on the first data row what would have been the ‘Green’ arrow is now invisible. I could of course have just omitted the arrow, however due to a glitch in WireframeSketcher this affects the alignment of the arows.


The code for my grid is below

(width:30). , , Workflow Name, Actor
{checked},%(color:red){arrow-down}% %(color:#EEEEEE){arrow-up}% , Create Participants, Portal Administrator
{checked},%(color:red){arrow-down}% %(color:green){arrow-up}%, Specify Options, Portal Administrator
{checked},%(color:red){arrow-down}% %(color:green){arrow-up}%, Specify Addresses, Portal User
{checked},%(color:red){arrow-down}% %(color:green){arrow-up}%, Specify Settlements, Portal User
{unchecked},%(color:red){arrow-down}% %(color:green){arrow-up}%, Specify Retention, Portal User
{checked},%(color:red){arrow-down}% %(color:green){arrow-up}%, Specify Execution, Portal User
{checked},%(color:red){arrow-down}% %(color:green){arrow-up}%, Verify Executive, Portal User
{checked}, %(color:white){arrow-down}% %(color:green){arrow-up}% , Verify Batch, Portal Administrator